Moa Holdings has built a relentlessly simple, retail, marketing and distribution platform that sustainably brings great brands to global markets.



One of New Zealand’s largest companies has partnered with some of the world’s greatest minds to solve the problem of cognitive degradation from 21st century lifestyle. The result is a wraparound cognitive system and range of proprietary supplements. We have partnered with them to bring this solution to global markets.


From humble beginnings to the world’s largest art project. The Metalbird phenomena grew from a New Zealand Street Art Project back in 2009. Founder Phil Walters, created and installed cool metal bird silhouettes around his neighbourhood just for fun. People loved them, wanted them and the project grew. In late 2019 Moa acquired the business have helped it grow into the world’s largest art project manufacturing and distributing locally throughout the world while giving back to local communities.


The name explains it… Little and Wood. After 15 years R&D in New Zealand making little wooden icons, this exceptional preforming gifting brand has been given a facelift and is ready to take on the world. Truly world class, branding, marketing, manufacturing, retail display, logistics and service has made Little & Wood the best-selling product in leading Museums, Zoos and Gift Stores. Truly a retailer’s dream partner!



On a Whananaki camping trip in 2019, two kiwis had an epiphany… “Selling stuff online from NZ is hard work”!

You see, Kiwi brands run into 2 massive problems when selling their products around the world

  1. Getting product from Aotearoa to an American letterbox costs too much, takes too long and is really bad for the environment, and
  2. Every country has its own unique tax and forever changing legislative environments that are really hard for remote exporters to navigate.

We realised that there were thousands of amazing Kiwi companies that had epic products but were unable to get them to global markets at scale. We decided then and there…

We would build a “relentlessly simple retail, marketing and distribution ‘platform’ that sustainably brings great Kiwi brands to Global Markets!”

Camping finished, but the idea wouldn’t go away and in June 2019 we decided to have a go.

Two years later, we’ve built our platform, proved our concept and are helping three Friends (brands) take their products to global markets


Not much happens without a dream and we’re big on dreamers with great products, great brands and great people. If you think we can help, we look forward to hearing from you

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